Renee Gittins

Renee is a jack-of-all-trades with a strong background in engineering and design. She is leading the creative direction of Potions and recording the progress of the game in a video blog series called "Making Potions: A Tale of Game Development". She also leads the server development for Fixer Studios and, previously, developed mini-games as well as complex team and health management systems for X2 Biosystems. Renee has been passionate about video games since she was first introduced to Doom in her childhood and believes they were a huge influence in her life. She recieved her BS of Engineering from Harvey Mudd College.

Matthew Endsley

Matt brings expertise from his ten years of experience as a programmer in the game industry. He is one of the founders of Carbon Games, known for creating AirMech, an action RTS. Prior to the creation of Carbon Games, he worked on various handheld titles for the startup Black Lantern Studios. At Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Matt worked as a server and client programmer for their upcoming MMO, Stargate Worlds, before joining Titan Studios' core technology team.

David Dunne

A game industry veteran and proud Vassar grad, Dave has been crafting game worlds and storylines for nearly eight years, tackling genres ranging from RTS and Digital CCGs to MMOs and First Person Shooters. His most recent releases include the multi-award winning MOBA game League of Legends and the highly anticipated MMO WildStar. He brings this significant narrative pedigree, along with borderline legendary bartending skills to his work on Potions.

A hands-on writer and designer, Dave’s worked on settings spanning contemporary military campaigns, strange fantasy worlds, and the furthest reaches of deep space, favoring an investigative approach that combines meticulous research with fantastic, yet credible, narrative leaps. He’s just as comfortable discussing the finer points of medieval heraldry as the limitations of relativistic space travel or the key differences between a Heckler and Koch MP-5 and MP-7 submachine gun. He’s dreamed of making games since he first defeated a green-screened AI in the game of Bridge shortly after his dad brought home an Apple 2 computer in the late 1980s. Since then, there’s been no floppy, CD-ROM, or digital download safe from his quest to intellectually devour all interactive landscapes.

Jake Neal

An artist and illustrator living in the UK, Jake graduated from Leeds College of Art with a BA(Hons) in Digital Film, Games & Animation. Since then he has worked as freelancer, creating book covers, trading card illustrations, concept art, and more. He is a long time gamer with an enthusiasm for the creative aspects of game development. He has a penchant for landscape and environment design and welcomes any opportunity to help bring a fictional world to life.

Wesley P Eldridge

Digital art mercenary and game development generalist. Wesley has been drawing since he could smear crayons on the wall, and designing games since he could use those crayons to draw fancy mazes. He is very interested in the depiction of gender and minority groups in media. He graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix for Game Art and Design and has joined the Potion's as a concept artist and animator. Now splits his free time between building prototypes in Unity and exploring Seattle.

Joshua Du Chene

Vocal chameleon, multi-instrumentalist, and destroyer of coconut ice cream, Joshua has been making music since he discovered he could hum whilst consuming Gerber applesauce in his He-Man and the Masters of the Universe high-chair. He has had a love of video games since he pressed power on his first Nintendo one glorious Christmas morning in 1988, and he carried that love through graduate school where he made extra cash repairing and selling NES systems to frat houses.

In his previous life, Joshua was a university administrator by day and a metal vocalist by night, followed by a two-year nomadic stint in Asia where he made a living as a guitarist/singer in a folk-rock trio, a night club dancer, and a home remodeler. After one of his chiptunes was requested for use by multiple indie game developers, he became interested in game audio and decided to make the move to sunny Seattle to pursue creative/game projects full-time. A long time actor, dancer, composer, and performer, Joshua has a multifaceted relationship with sound and audio, and he brings his passion to create immersive audio experiences to the Potions team.